Lyra Buco Stephens

Learning Experiences and Graphic Design

I create visual design and learning experiences for online, hybrid, and in-person educational courses. I enjoy working with a variety of design tools including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Camtasia, PowerPoint , H5P, and Canvas LMS (Instructure).


Video Tutorials

The eLearn Lyra YouTube channel features video tutorials for eLearning authoring tools H5P and Lumi Education.Software used: YouTube, OBS Studio, Camtasia, PremierePro, PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva

eLearning Template

These images were created for a corporate e-learning course. I created the visual design and wrote the content using source material provided by the client. The original content has been sanitized. The images were created as .png files and uploaded to a learning management system (LMS).Software used: Adobe Photoshop (image editor)

Animated Explainer Video

This video was produced for a young adult audience. I wrote the script, storyboards, and created the video using stock animations.Software used: Powtoon (video/presentations) and YouTube (video hosting).

Avatar Design

These images were created for the 2021 Canvas Community Avatar Contest. Both images were in the top 5 entries and are now part of the default avatars of Canvas Community, which has over 1 million members. Panda bears are the mascot of Canvas by Instructure, so I went with a geometric design and used colors consistent with Canvas branding.Software used: Adobe Illustrator (vector tool)


I look forward to hearing from you!